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New! Boston Skeptics Slack Chat Room We're taking Boston Skeptics to the next level by introducing a Slack chat room for Boston Skeptics to keep and touch, share ideas, and be skeptical in near-real time with each other! Don't have...

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New! Boston Skeptics Slack Chat Room We're taking Boston Skeptics to the next level by introducing a Slack chat room for Boston Skeptics to keep and touch, share ideas, and be skeptical in near-real time with each other! Don't have...

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Boston Skeptics in the Theater & Pub | Bill Nye: Science... Come join the Boston Skeptics at the Brattle Theatre on December 3, where we’ll be attending a screening of a new film about Bill Nye, aptly named “Bill Nye: Science Guy.” We’ll go somewhere nearby...

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October 2017 Organizational Meeting Updates Thanks again to everyone who attended our October 2017 organizational meeting. There were a few items we had drafted and captured more ideas around that we would love to open up for comment and feedback...

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Nature Network Pub Event Tonight

Posted on : 19-11-2008 | By : Rebecca | In : Event



Last-minute notice! I’ll be attending the Nature Network’s “Dream Big” pub night this evening. Here’s the info from their forum:

What would your dream project in science be? Join us for an informal evening of drinks and conversation about what science would be like if unconstrained by reality.

Two speakers will address this question:

Antoine van Oijen – Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School – Visualizing life at the molecular scale


Andreas Mershin – Center for Biomedical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – ‘Farmable’ solar power

at a special pub night hosted by Nature Network Boston to be held

Wednesday, November 19, 7 PM
Tavern In the Square
730 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA (in Central Square; on the Red Line and the route of the M2 shuttle from Longwood).
We have reserved a private room for this event – please ask to be directed to the Nature party.

The evening will begin with two 5-10 minute chalk talks from our speakers. The talks will be followed by Q&A and discussion.

Please bring scientists, friends, and labmates for an evening of exploratory science, drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and networking.

Protest in Favor of Gay Marriage Today

Posted on : 15-11-2008 | By : Rebecca | In : Event


Just a heads up that several Boston Skeptics will be at City Hall today around 1:30pm as part of a nationwide protest against the passing of propositions outlawing gay marriage. We may grab lunch early at the Kinsale, noon-ish. Hope to see lots of you there!

Info on other skeptical gatherings today: http://skepchick.org/blog/?p=4156

Monday, November 24: Twins, Telepathy, and Smut at Boston Skeptics in the Pub

Posted on : 12-11-2008 | By : Rebecca | In : Skeptics in the Pub

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Sam Moulton is a researcher at Harvard who recently used neuroimaging to study the possibility of paranormal mental phenomena like telepathy and clairvoyance. Find out how he did it and what he found while drinking in the company of a fun group of skeptics!

Monday, November 24, 2008

7:00pm – 10:00pm

Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square (top floor)

96 Winthrop Street
Cambridge, MA


Facebook Event Page

(join the Boston Skeptics group here)

Halloween Barhop

Posted on : 27-10-2008 | By : Rebecca | In : Event



At the most recent Skeptics in the Pub, a few of us discussed a skeptic-themed barhop on Halloween night (Friday). I started a Facebook event page for it, saying that if we got 20 people it would be enough to go ahead. But hey, screw it, we’ve got seven people so far and I suppose that’s good enough for me. RSVP on Facebook or comment here to let us know you’re coming. We can pick a place to start in the next few days. Boylston Street, perhaps?

Hey, Check Out Our New Site!

Posted on : 27-10-2008 | By : Rebecca | In : Uncategorized


If you’ve been hanging out at bostonskeptics.wordpress, you’ll be relieved to know that we now have a permanent home at the easier-to-remember bostonskeptics.com. Sweet! Please make sure your bookmarks and RSS feeds are correct.

Boston Skeptics in the Pub: October 20!

Posted on : 08-10-2008 | By : Rebecca | In : Uncategorized


I know, we just finished our fun drinky time with Blake Stacey’s marvelous September talk, but it’s time to look to the future: Sid Rodrigues of London Skeptics in the Pub will be gracing our stage in two short weeks!

Also, we have the opportunity to get together the following Monday (the 27th). Are you all tuckered out, or ready for more? We could have a costume party, spooky-themed skeptical trivia, or just a night of hanging out.

OR, we could have a costumed skeptical bar hop on Friday the 31st. Please, people, tell me what to do! (I’m soliciting comments here, on Facebook, and Skepchick just to hedge my bets.) The full details of our October 20 event are after the jump!

Skeptics in the Pub: Monday, September 29

Posted on : 23-09-2008 | By : Rebecca | In : Skeptics in the Pub



Yeah yeah yeah, it took me forever to update, but I have a good excuse: I’m very lazy busy.

This month’s special SitP guest is none other than Blake Stacey of ScienceBlogs’ Science After Sunclipse speaking about physics and hallucinations. BYOLSD!

Once again, we’ll take over the top floor of the super fun Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, beginning at 7pm. They have food, booze, and very pleasant waitstaff. There are parking garages around, or you can take the T (Red Line to Harvard Square).

Here’s the Facebook Event Page if you’d like to RSVP (though that’s not required)! To get future Facebook event invites, sign up for the Boston-area Skeptics group!

Skeptics in the Pub: Monday, August 25

Posted on : 21-08-2008 | By : Rebecca | In : Skeptics in the Pub


Is it that time again already? Answer: YES IT IS! Last month’s trivia night was a huge success — more than 60 people showed up and had a hilariously awesome time getting brainy with fellow critical thinkers. So, the lectures will start again in the fall, but in the meantime we’re going to do another trivia night.

Again, no sports questions! And you don’t have to be a mega-skeptic to get all the questions, so bring your friends.

Once again, we’ll have prizes for the top spots and maybe one for the bottom spot, too. Be there! (Oh, and by there I mean: Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, with trivia starting at 7pm sharp!)

Facebook Event Page

Boston Skeptics in the Pub: July 28

Posted on : 16-07-2008 | By : Rebecca | In : Skeptics in the Pub


It’s time for the July edition of Boston Skeptics in the Pub! Because every available speaker is outside the Hub for the summer, we’re having a very special event that is sure to be at least 19 kinds of awesome:


Individual or team trivia in several rounds, with fun prizes for winners!

The questions will involve science, pseudoscience, and critical thinking. Also: no sports questions. Nerds!

Feel free to invite your friends, even if they don’t consider themselves skeptics. There will be a wide range of questions and much fun no matter what.

Once again, we will take over the top floor of Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square. Trivia starts at 7pm or very shortly thereafter, so try to be on time!

As always, you can RSVP on Facebook.

No Skeptics in the Pub Tonight

Posted on : 23-06-2008 | By : Rebecca | In : Skeptics in the Pub


Sorry! I got all wrapped up in The Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas, which just concluded. However, if you’d still like to get together tonight at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square to drink with fellow skeptics, post below in the comments. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, since I will be crashing hard tonight following the past four days of skeptical debauchery.

Stay tuned for news of next month’s gathering!