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Look Around You: UFO!

Posted on : Aug-23-2009 | By : Joshua | In : Blog Post

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Hey, skeptics! Let’s play a game. I’m gonna post a photo, and you tell me what it is. I’ll try to do this on a semi-regular basis, since rants about abortion protesters and silly pop psych op-eds take too much out of me to be doing them all the time.

So yes, here’s the photo:

Look Around You UFO

What the heck is that? This should be an easy one… and those of you who were with me when I took it are disqualified. Post your guesses in the comments!

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Comments (10)

ACK! I know what it is! But I don’t get to play.

It looks like one of those old fashioned mens hats or a paper picnic plate.

Good guess! But it’s neither a top hat nor a paper plate.

I’d guess Frisbee or Baseball

Neither of those are the answer, either.

Hmm…looks like it might be a pie tin, to me.

Huzzah, we have a winner! Congrats, Todd.

I told you guys it would be an easy one. Tressa was really close with the paper plate, but I had to be picky about it.

Damn, that’s what I get for not keeping up. I was going to vote “pie tin” as well.


Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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