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Interview: Roy Zimmerman

Posted on : Oct-16-2009 | By : maggie | In : interview, video


Political satirist/singer/songwriter and “that Creation Science 101 guy” (or maybe you know him from Ted Haggard is Completely Heterosexual) Roy Zimmerman sat down with us for an interview yesterday. If you haven’t heard his songs before, head on over to RoyZimmerman.com and check out his site and his YouTube videos. And then go check him out live this Saturday afternoon at the anti-war rally in Copley Square or his full show in Worcester that evening with the Worcester Humanists. Or, if you’re down in Marblehead, he’ll be playing there Friday night.

And without further ado… Roy Zimmerman:

Boston Skeptics – Roy Zimmerman interview

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Comments (2)

By the way… having been born and raised in the south, I really wanted to ask that question. But also, having been born and raised in the south, I knew it might come across as us being ‘damned yankees’. Let’s face it, though, the [capital S] South has staked its proverbial claim to embrace conservatism and neo-conservative ideology in national politics, despite also being one of the areas who will benefit least from it.

In my lifetime I’ve seen the [capital S] South go from being:
Southern Democrats – Keep out of our business and bless the salt of the earth blue collar folks (wave a flag here, but don’t let em see it’s the Confederate one).
Southern Republican – Keep out of our business. Oh, and fuck poor people (wave a flag here so no one notices we’re screwing them first).

I’s mind-boggling.

It still amazes me that people are hung up on names like Republican and Democrat. Those names represnet very minor differences to virtually the same parties. Both parties want to control everything. The Repulicans want to control everything outside of the US via the military, the Democrats want to control everything inside of the US via the game plan that every US Presidential Administration has laid out since the banksters shot President Kennedy in the head as payback for EO 11110.

You probably remember how bad the US sucked when President Bush was in office. We were raped of our Constitutional rights. What has the new found “Hope” done to restore those rights? Has it sent home the 40,000 combat hardened active duty troops on US soil brought back from Iraq to serve under NORTHCOM? Has it restored the Posse Comitatus Act? Has it stopped illegal wiretapping? Has it fulfilled it’s promise to bring home all the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan? Has it repealled any or all of the Executive Orders President Bush wrote? Has it destroyed the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act?

Nope all of that is in tact, and most of it has been fortified. Bush brought home 20k troops. President Obama is bringing 20k more troops home to aid local law enforcement. The Obama Administration has sided with the Bush Adminstration’s stance in the EFF’s law suite against the telecom companies illegal compliance with the US Government for wire tapping. Zero of the EO’s that President Bush wrote, especially the two that allow the President to take control, over Congress and the Judicial Branch in a state of emergency have been overturned. More troops were called up and sent to Afghanistan, only 40,000 troops have been brought home from Iraq (see above). And the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act is still in tact and gaining ground.

So where is that difference? All that shit is on the plate and we are arguing about healthcare? Seriously?

We must look to history. Our founders and their classical liberalism is the root of where we should be. The words conservative and liberal have lost all meaning and root.

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