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Boston Skeptics’ Book Club: Media Extras!

Posted on : Nov-30-2009 | By : Mary | In : Blog Post



Our next book club meeting is going to be on Saturday, December 5th, at 2 pm in the Clear Conscience Cafe. Come for the lively discussion, stay for the tea and sandwiches.

While doing some research on our current book (Don’t Sleep There Are Snakes), I came across some media extras that add to the content of the book. The first is an interview conducted with the author Daniel Everett on the Freedom From Religion Foundation podcast on August 22, 2009. From the website: “In an amazing adventure, Everett–a missionary to the Pirahas dedicated to learning their language in order to proselytize them–left the Amazon free of religion.” The interview is pretty interesting and he discusses a little bit more about his own background.

The other media extras I found were some videos produced by Current TV about the struggles of the native Amazonians:

The Amazon Frontier

Slaves of the Amazon

Laura Ling Reports on Amazon Tribe

Only one more week to finish up the book! I have a lot of notes and I imagine there will be a lot of discussion about this book. But don’t be intimidated–everyone is welcome, whether you haven’t finished the book yet or even if you really didn’t like the book. We have a big list of other books to decide on for our next BSBC meeting, so come if you would like to add to the book list or choose our next book.

Check out our new Facebook page. I’ve started a forum for our book list and everyone who has a book suggestion should list it there as well.

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Comments (4)

Welcome to the blog, Mary!

The videos do not seem to be working.

Everett seems to be much more interested in his linguistics work than his personal story but I think that his linguistic work is independently interesting from a skeptical perspective. I’m not sure my thoughts on this matter are completely coherent. We’ll see if they are by Saturday.

I just tried the videos and they’re working fine. If anyone was having issues before, it was because I had trouble embedding.

If it still doesn’t work, just go to current.tv and do a search for Amazon.

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