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New! Boston Skeptics Slack Chat Room We're taking Boston Skeptics to the next level by introducing a Slack chat room for Boston Skeptics to keep and touch, share ideas, and be skeptical in near-real time with each other! Don't have...

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Creationists? In My University? It’s More Likely Than You Think!

Posted on : Nov-18-2009 | By : Joshua | In : Blog Post

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I’m sure most people reading this will have heard about Ray Comfort’s doctored copy of The Origin of Species, which includes an all-new, all-stupid 50-page introduction as well. But did you know that Comfort’s group will be on college campuses passing out free copies? Did you know that they’ll be doing so tomorrow, in Boston and Cambridge?

One can hope that students at some of the best schools in the nation will be too smart to fall for Comfort’s malarkey, but let’s not forget also that not everyone has to take college biology. Please, think of the poor English majors and even the assholes getting their MBAs.

Fortunately for us, the NCSE does have those people in mind. They’ve set up a site, Don’t Diss Darwin, with information about the doctored books, a list of targeted schools, and printable handouts and bookmarks for those with the time (surely there are students reading this!) to hang out on college campuses and counter-protest.

According to the Don’t Diss Darwin site, these Boston-area schools are known to be targeted by Comfort’s cronies:

  • Harvard
  • MIT
  • Tufts
  • Brandeis
  • Boston College

Boston University is conspicuously absent from the confirmed target list, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Comfort Crew shows up there as well. If you attend any of these schools, or if you can take some time out to drop by them with handouts tomorrow, please consider taking some time out of your day to fight back against the Bananaman’s dishonesty.

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Comments (18)

P.s.: We’ve had some reports that the Living Waters people are appearing ahead of schedule and at schools that weren’t on the list. So keep an eye out for that, y’all!

Where by “ahead of schedule”, I mean TODAY.

Brown University is on the list too, for anyone (like me) closer to the Providence/RI area.

So far no one at BU at any of the obvious spots. :(

Go BU?

I found them at MIT outside Building 7. Did my part in getting one piece of trash off the street.

I found evidence of their past presence at both MIT and Harvard.

Ooops. We must have come a day early. 170,000 in the hands of college students in just under 2 hours. Ten loudmouths on the Internet/Twitter/blogosphere and 169,990 actually being read. Chalk one up for free thinkers, the censorship crowd didn’t have a chance. Sorry, guys.

Hey, if you’re mad, why not give us a call Saturday night and tell us what you think. http://www.lastwordsradio.com 888-995-KKLA 9PM PST

Thanks for playing. ;)

These are the words of someone who isn’t interested in having a real debate. No one tried to stop you from handing out your ridiculous sham of a book with its missing chapters and ludicrous, error-filled introduction. We just wanted to make sure people knew about the omissions and the errors.

But, no, you guys ran from that like the intellectual cowards you are. If you want to call that a victory, go ahead, but it’s still cowardice.

Here’s my question for you — I won’t bother calling your show, because I know that standard procedure for you people is to block critics from being heard, just like every ID and creationist blog on the internet — how many of those 170,000 copies got dumped and abandoned in public spaces rather than actually handed out?

Got one today after a friend came into the Lab confused about having a copy handed to him. Fun read… Yes, aggravatingly incorrect with fuzzy logic and much deus-ex-machina going on. BUT, if you remove those 50 pages, you have a fantastic and free copy of The Origin of Species for your bookshelf!

I mean, really… was MIT the /best/ place to be handing these books out. This is a science school…

Josh, I think that there were certain some statements made that bordered on censorship. For example, some people in some internet fora suggested getting all the copies one could and then dumping them in the trash. But as far as I’m aware no one actually went through with this. Moreover, no major blogger or organization advocated doing this. I’m not even aware of anyone trying to do so. In fact, most skeptics went out of their way to get a copy to read for themselves. (Which is incidentally an interesting contrast. How many creationists do you think bought the Greatest Show on Earth just to see what he says?).

Dru, um, no one is angry. I mean, I’m a bit annoyed because the one day early thing meant I couldn’t have fun getting a copy for myself (since I wasn’t at one of the targeted universities). There is a general anger among many skeptics about the creationist movement. That is because people like Ray lie repeatedly and are impervious to reason. Heck, he couldn’t even tell the truth about when he was going to distribute his modified book.

This is a general pattern. Yes, it gets people upset. It has nothing to do with creationists in particular though. The major proponents of many pseudoscientific belief systems act this way. The anti-vaccination groups and homeopathy proponents both act this way for example. Moreover, it is all the more irritating because the major proponents rake in the cash bilking the innocent who don’t know better.

But there’s really no specific anger. Sure some people might be angry, but you can always find angry people. It seems pretty clear that among the general skeptical community the response to this has been far more amusement than anger.

I’m incidentally amused by someone trying to claim they are a free thinker when your ministry’s blog doesn’t allow comments. Yep, that’s a real dedication to open and honest debate. I thought that maybe you didn’t because you had such a high traffic website that you didn’t want the hassle to deal with spam or inappropriate comments. But then I saw your your stat counter [link] and you seem to get fewer daily hits than my blog. I’m pretty sure I don’t make the D-list of bloggers. So that’s not the reason. If you are going to make a claim about being “free thinking” it might help to minimally pretend to do so.

Reread this post and just caught the comment about English majors.

I was an English major… :(

I kid because I love. =D

Joshua Zelinski – There’s something odd about the fomatting of your comment that makes it virtually unreadable. It looks as though line-wrap has somehow been suppressed. Everyone else’s comments look fine. (Opera 10.01 on Windows XP.)

Wish I’d read this earlier, not that I would’ve been able to make it, anyway. But, it would have been nice to show up to get my free copy, carrying a pineapple to display the greatness of God’s work. I mean, it is shaped to fit nicely in the…err…well, it has a lovely easy-open tab on top…hmm…it fits nice and easy into the mou— oh, well.

Or a potato, which is extremely nutritious but will make us sick if we eat it raw, and so on, and so on. ;)

Fixed JoshuaZ’s comment. It was the really long URL that was breaking word-wrap. Fixed by making it a link.

I was unable to fix the other comment because in the fantasy world it was written words mean the opposite of what you expect. (i.e. – free thinker = someone who must abide by a 2000 year old book of mythology and is not free to make up their own mind).

Sorry about that. I know better than to give long links. Will go back to my teapot now.

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