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Pi Day Reflections

Posted on : Mar-14-2010 | By : Liz | In : Blog Post


Pi Day is here!

As a big geek, I ought to have many memories of one of the geekiest days of the year–so why don’t I? In high school, a popular science teacher would serenade us over the intercom with a special song.  But wait, that was actually Mole Day!  I remember now that I am picturing him dancing from classroom to classroom in an adorable mole costume. OK then, I know my high school did celebrate Pi Day by offering kids extra credit for bringing in a dessert whose circumference and diameter exhibit that most tasty of ratios.  Although, now that I think about it, I don’t specifically remember bringing in any pies myself.  College was an even drier spell for my pi-thusiasm.  I can’t think of a single pi-related activity from those four years! For a math enthusiast, I don’t seem to be very good at showing my geek spirit.  I have a friend who at one point could recite more than 500 digits of pi, but I can’t seem to remember past 3.14159.

Of course, now that I’m with the Skeptics, all that has changed, right? I mean, last year we had an epic pi(e) fight in Boston Common…which I strangely didn’t attend.  I don’t remember my exact reasoning, but I suspect it had something to do with not wanting to get covered in sticky pie remnants 45 minutes away from my shower in the middle of March.

This year, I was finally gung-ho for the pie fight, and then…RAIN. I settled for a tasty circular cupcake from Sweet instead (thanks to those of you who actually braved the rain to join me!)  And now we get to postpone the fight until Pie Approximation Day in July! Two Pi Days a year = KICK ASS.

I’m sure you were all just devastated at the lack of tasty insanity in the park today, but I imagine many of you found other ways to celebrate. How did you show your Pi Day spirit?

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I like to do pi math so im happy
for today

I spent Pi day dealing with a leak from all the rain. There was no pie. :( But there were games. First was a lighnting round of “move everythign out of the office”. This is being followed by a rollicking game of “do the laundry” and then a round of “clear a path so I can get to my bed”.

Pi day sucks/ed. :(

I just had my piece of ceremonial bumbleberry pie, yum. Next year, though, I am totally going all out with the pie theme. Breakfast pie, Shepard’s Pie, Meat Pies, regular ol’ pies. All pie, all day.

I LOVE meat pie.

Pie soup, pie stew, pie gumbo, pie sandwich…

We were hanging around the James Randi Educational Foundation headquarters in Florida, eating pizza pie. Best Pi Day ever.

Did celebrate briefly. Did not have any pie. Would prefer if we had a 2Pi day. 2Pi is a more natural constant than Pi. We only have Pi as the one with its own symbol due to historical accident.

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