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Reminder: Book Club Tomorrow!

Posted on : Nov-05-2010 | By : Mary | In : Blog Post, Book Club


"Oh, you're dealing with someone far worse than the FBI. You've just crossed...mall security."

Come and join the Boston Skeptics’ Book Club tomorrow, November 6th, at 3pm for a rousing discussion about zombies and World War Z by Max Brooks.

Since the weather is a bit cooler, we’ll be meeting inside the Northwest Building at Harvard University.

Here are some Google Maps directions to a spot in front of the building from the Harvard Square T Station.

Here is a photo of the building (it’s a big file, sorry anyone who has slow internet). The entrance is on the right and we’re meeting in a spot that is near the windows on the left side of the picture.

Please don’t come too late, because the door is not open to the public so we have to let people in ourselves. If you come late, you can try going to the windows on the left side of the picture above, and you should be able to see our group.

If you haven’t read the book, but you’re a fan of zombiefic, come on over! We’ll be discussing all sorts of zombie (and skeptic) related things tomorrow. Also, we will be continuing the snack-bringing tradition, so bring some goodies to share with the rest of the class (and it doesn’t have to be zombie related–you just need to bring the brains in your heads, not cooked or otherwise prepared).

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I sadly am continuing my run of not being able to make it. :-( Have you picked the January book yet?

Yeah, our next meeting is Dec. 11th, and the book is “Packing for Mars”. The book after that is “The Calculus Diaries”, and I’ll try to post something later today too. I hope you can make it soon!

A little aside that I checked out before the meeting and then forgot to mention… Remember the “Alpha November Alpha”? From “Action in the North Atlantic”, a pretty good WWII action flick starring Humphrey Bogart, where one of the crewmen, played by the Skipper’s father, Alan Hale Sr, says after the war, he’ll put an oar on his shoulder and walk inland until someone asks him what it is, and that’s where he’ll settle down. This sounded very familiar to me when I saw the movie a couple of years ago, from Greek mythology, maybe…

Checked it out and it is actually from the Odyssey. When Odysseus was visiting the underworld, he asks Tiresias, the blind seer, what he needs to do to get back in Poseidon’s good graces. Tiresias tells him that when he gets home, he needs to take an oar on his shoulder and walk inland until someone asks him why he’s carrying a winnowing fan (an agricultural implement.) At that point he is supposed to build a temple to Poseidon. Odysseus repeats the story to Penelope after he returns home.

ANA was a controversial movie at the time because it made heroes of the American merchant sailors. They sailed into war zones, unarmed and untrained for warfare, and barely protected by inadequate US and British navies. They suffered extremely high casualty rates (much higher than the regular navy), and didn’t have any government benefits (such as survivor benefits, VA or GI Bill eligibility.) Also, if their ship was sunk and they were captured, being civilians, they weren’t protected by the Geneva Convention. However, they were fairly well paid for working-class people of the time, mostly because they had a powerful and fairly left-wing union. For this reason, Walter Winchell, the Rush Limbaugh of the 1940s, had a personal vendetta against them and demonized them at every opportunity. So the movie was a target for lots of right-wing flack.

>our next meeting is Dec. 11th

Nice! I’ve already read “Packing for Mars”. Will you be posting the event info soon?

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