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SitP: Heina Dadabhoy from Islam to Atheism. [caption id="attachment_2139" align="alignright" width="239"] A ninja warrior welcomes guests to Convergence/Skepchickcon[/caption]Boston Skeptics welcomes our January guest speaker, atheist feminist secular...

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Book Club: The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha... [caption id="attachment_2131" align="alignright" width="197"] The Emperor of All Maladies[/caption]This month's book is The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee, an oncologist...

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SitP: David Ropeik and the Risk Perception Gap Update! Thanks to Andrea and Francois, we now have a video of David Ropeik's talk available on our

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SitP: Larry Gilbertson on GMOs and Biotech [caption id="attachment_2117" align="alignright" width="300"] Feeding the world[/caption]The population of the earth will exceed 9 billion people by 2050. Arable land is decreasing, dietary preferences...

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Skeptics in the Pub with Jonathan McDowell: Elegy For A Spaceplane: 30 Years of Space Shuttles

Posted on : 29-06-2011 | By : John | In : Event, local, Skeptics in the Pub

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Jonathan says:

NASA’s Space Shuttle is being retired this month after three decades of ups and downs both literal and metaphorical.

I’ll take a trip down memory lane and review what the Shuttles did and didn’t do, and discuss other spaceplanes past and present. Finally, I’ll speculate about what’s next for the US human spaceflight program.

Jonathan McDowell in the Soyuz T-3 reentry module

Hello, Earthlings!

Jonathan is a long-time member of the Boston Skeptics, an astronomer, and expert on space travel. He writes a monthly column for Sky and Telescope and maintains the Jonathan’s Space Report web site. He previously spoke to us about the history of the Moon Race, in a very interesting, informative and popular talk, especially about the little-known Soviet moon program. Be sure to arrive early so you can get a seat in front!

RSVP on Facebook

When: Monday, July 25 at 7pm

Where: Upstairs at Tommy Doyle’s Irish Pub,
Harvard Square

See you all there!

Marian Call at Pandemonium

Posted on : 14-06-2011 | By : John | In : Event, local


Marian looking blurryNerd-throb folksinger Marian Call will be here!

This isn’t officially a Boston Skeptics event, but we were instrumental (groan) in getting her to include Boston on her current tour and if you RSVP, everyone will know how popular she is and next time she’ll play the Boston Garden or Gillette Stadium.

She was totally awesome in November:
(Not a very good photo, I was trying to use available light but failed. She is much less blurry in person.)

Skeptics in the Pub with Joshie Berger

Posted on : 14-06-2011 | By : John | In : Event, Skeptics in the Pub


Join us this month for a talk from Joshie Berger! Joshie is a skeptical comedian and the best Worst Cooks in America (Version 2.0)

Be prepared for a high energy rant, or maybe just some lovingly prepared gefilte fish.

When: Monday, June 27 at 7pm
Where: Upstairs at Tommy Doyle’s Irish Pub, Harvard Square
See you all there!

Boston Skeptics’ Book Club Tomorrow!

Posted on : 10-06-2011 | By : Mary | In : Blog Post


Come to Book Club, or this cat will perform thought experiments on you.

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Saturday, July 11) at 3pm, the Book Clubians are meeting up at the Northwest Building at Harvard (as usual) to discuss The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris. Of course, you don’t have to have read the book to have an opinion on the nature of how science can determine absolute morality, so please join us if you can! Also, bring a snack, because the Book Club who snacks together, uh … quacks together? OK it’s a Friday and I can’t coherently rhyme, so I’m not sure where that was going. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing you all there (especially any newcomers)!

Yummy Brunch for a Yummy Bunch

Posted on : 10-06-2011 | By : John | In : Event



(The title was a typo the first time around, but I decided to go with it.)


Brunch at the Kinsale at Government Center on Sunday, June 19 at 11 AM.   See the Facebook page to RSVP.

Site Updates – Old accounts removed

Posted on : 06-06-2011 | By : maggie | In : news


FYI, I’ve done some major updates recently and part of the cleanup included removing a lot (LOT) of un-used accounts (most by spammers/seo jerks who just sign up but never log in).

If your account was never used (no comments) and was older than 90 days, I’m afraid it’s been deleted. No worries, though, you can re-register at any time. We’d love to hear comments from any and all of you. So don’t be shy. :)