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Boston Skeptics’ Book Club Tomorrow: Rain or shine…but mostly just rain.

Posted on : Sep-23-2011 | By : Mary | In : Blog Post


"Everyone was doing it...I just wanted to be popular!"

Come join us tomorrow (Saturday, Sep. 23, at 3pm) for an irreverent discussion on Christopher Moore’s book Lamb and the story of Biff, Jesus’s BFF.

Unfortunately, we can’t meet outside, because as of tonight the forecast is 80% chance of rain. Also, there is some sort of event happening in our normal spot in the Cafeteria of the Northwest building, so Andy, my faithful book club cohort and husband, has booked a conference room in a different spot in the building. (For the regulars, you can just go to the doors of our indoor spot and follow the outdoor path–directions posted below.) I swear it’s easy to get to!


Don’t let the weather deter you from coming. We always welcome new members, and if you have a biblically-related opinion you’d like to share but haven’t read the book, we welcome you too. As usual, bring a snack if you’re so inclined (most people do, you want to be cool, right?).

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