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Boston Skeptics in the Theater & Pub | Bill Nye: Science... Come join the Boston Skeptics at the Brattle Theatre on December 3, where we’ll be attending a screening of a new film about Bill Nye, aptly named “Bill Nye: Science Guy.” We’ll go somewhere nearby...

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October 2017 Organizational Meeting Updates Thanks again to everyone who attended our October 2017 organizational meeting. There were a few items we had drafted and captured more ideas around that we would love to open up for comment and feedback...

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SitP: Heina Dadabhoy from Islam to Atheism. [caption id="attachment_2139" align="alignright" width="239"] A ninja warrior welcomes guests to Convergence/Skepchickcon[/caption]Boston Skeptics welcomes our January guest speaker, atheist feminist secular...

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Book Club: The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha... [caption id="attachment_2131" align="alignright" width="197"] The Emperor of All Maladies[/caption]This month's book is The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee, an oncologist...

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Video: Mary Lefkowitz – Academic Fictions and Fantasies – Nov. 28th, 2011

Posted on : 03-12-2011 | By : maggie | In : Skeptics in the Pub, video

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Video: Amanda Knief – Travails of a Godless Lobbyist – Sept. 26th, 2011

Posted on : 01-10-2011 | By : maggie | In : Skeptics in the Pub, video



Video: Jonathan McDowell – Elegy for a Spaceplane

Posted on : 27-08-2011 | By : maggie | In : Skeptics in the Pub, video


Before I post another word, don’t miss this Monday’s Skeptics in the Pub with Dave Niose (see two posts down for details).

And now – better late than never – video of Jonathan McDowell and last month’s BSitP of those who missed it (or want to see it again). Sorry for the delay. It’s not exactly as I’d intended, but… oh, I’ll shut up now. Here’s Jonathan!

Video: BSitP with Joshie Berger – June 17th, 2011

Posted on : 03-07-2011 | By : maggie | In : video


Or view at BS Channel on Vimeo

The sacred and the profane meet as Joshie Berger talks about why Hasidic Judaism pisses him off and why it should piss you off too. Most people will know Joshie from Worst Cooks in America, but you may not know that he grew up a Hasidic Jew and entered an arranged marriage.

Warning: Contains Lots of Very Strong Language. You have been warned. ;)

Skeptics in the Pub with John Rennie

Posted on : 14-05-2011 | By : Liz | In : Blog Post, Skeptics in the Pub, video


Join us this month for a talk from John Rennie! John was editor in chief of Scientific American from 1994 to 2009. Currently, John writes “The Gleaming Retort” for the PLoS blogs. Check him out at johnrennie.net.
When: Monday, May 23 at 7pm
Where: Upstairs at Tommy Doyle’s Irish Pub, Harvard Square
See you all there!

Video: Dezrah The Strange 4/25/11

Posted on : 14-05-2011 | By : maggie | In : Skeptics in the Pub, video


The video from last month’s BSitP with Dezrah The Strange (http://dezrah.com) is right here. Right there. No, down. Yes, there. Right under this text (or go here).

BSitP – Dezrah The Strange – April 25th, 2011 from Maggie McFee on Vimeo.

Video: Boston Skeptics Holiday Shindig with Dan Hart

Posted on : 23-12-2010 | By : maggie | In : Skeptics in the Pub, video


Boston Skeptic Holiday Shindig with Dan Hart from the Boston Skeptics Video Channel.

You can find more of Dan at http://danhart.net and on iTunes.

Happy Holidays! Sorry for the sad little Charlie Brown audio track. I didn’t haul out all the gear this time due to the snow. But that just means you get to hear how much fun we had in the background!

Happy Thanksgiving! Marian Call Live – Part 1

Posted on : 24-11-2010 | By : maggie | In : Skeptics in the Pub, video


Marian Call Live – Part 1 from Maggie McFee on Vimeo.

Video: Marian Call – “Dark Dark Eyes”

Posted on : 06-11-2010 | By : maggie | In : Skeptics in the Pub, video


The Nov. 1st show with Marian Call was absolutely incredible. We had a comfortably full house, a great audience and I think we can safely say that Marian and guitarist Scott Barkan had a great time themselves.

For those of you who couldn’t make it (and those who can’t wait to see it again) here’s sneak-peek at what’s to come. Maggie is editing together the whole show (minus the really new songs, which she’ll post later once Marian gives the OK) but this one’s going to be special (and was a two-camera shoot) so it will take a little longer. So to tide you over, here’s a video of “Dark Dark Eyes”. Enjoy! And thank you SO much, Marian. You are awesome.

Marian Call “Dark Dark Eyes” from Boston Skeptics & Aggravated Media

Video: Sean Faircloth – Oct. 4th, 2010

Posted on : 08-10-2010 | By : maggie | In : Skeptics in the Pub, video


“Sex! Morality! Women! Law!”
Sean Faircloth is Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America.

Click here to open video at Vimeo.

Q & A
View the Q&A on our Vimeo channel.