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Predicting The Exchange of Money – Psychic Fairs

Posted on : 20-08-2009 | By : maggie | In : Blog Post, skepticism

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It’s time once again, ladies and gents, for the truth to set you free, for the dead to speak, the bones to talk and for you to peer into the spirit world and thwart its dastardly interference in your day-to-day dealings. That’s right, it’s psychic fair time in Bridgewater, MA. Or at least it was a couple of Saturdays ago and will be again the second Saturday of next month when the whole charade is played out again for the curious, gullible and/or those mired in something akin to false hope syndrome.

Throughout the year, events such as this entice people to pay a fee (the Bridgewater fair at Uplifting Connections is $1 per minute and runs for 7 hours) to sit and have someone tell you what you what they think you want to hear and, by way of some vague generalities, make you feel that they truly know the secrets to make your life better. And sometimes, to keep it mysterious and interesting, maybe giving you a little spook. For while these fairs, which resemble speed-dating more than anything, may be a recent phenomenon, the tricks of the trade have changed little from the hokey carnival mediums of old who were just as adept at taking your money.