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New! Boston Skeptics Slack Chat Room We're taking Boston Skeptics to the next level by introducing a Slack chat room for Boston Skeptics to keep and touch, share ideas, and be skeptical in near-real time with each other! Don't have...

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New! Boston Skeptics Slack Chat Room We're taking Boston Skeptics to the next level by introducing a Slack chat room for Boston Skeptics to keep and touch, share ideas, and be skeptical in near-real time with each other! Don't have...

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Boston Skeptics in the Theater & Pub | Bill Nye: Science... Come join the Boston Skeptics at the Brattle Theatre on December 3, where we’ll be attending a screening of a new film about Bill Nye, aptly named “Bill Nye: Science Guy.” We’ll go somewhere nearby...

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October 2017 Organizational Meeting Updates Thanks again to everyone who attended our October 2017 organizational meeting. There were a few items we had drafted and captured more ideas around that we would love to open up for comment and feedback...

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Movie Club: The Revisionaries

Posted on : 26-04-2012 | By : John | In : Event, local, movie

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In keeping with this month’s theme of religion in the classroom, The Revisionaries, a documentary about the Texas State Board of Education’s textbook selection process, is showing at the Somerville Theater as part of the Boston Independent Film Festival on Monday, April 30 at 6:45 PM.

For a sample of what to expect, see former Texas SBOE Chairman Don McLeroy on the Colbert Report a few days ago.

The Texas Monthly published a summary of the rave reviews for the film, which premiered last Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

We should try to meet up in front of the theater at about 6:30.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office. RSVP on Facebook.

P.S. If you still feel some of those pesky brain cells clogging up your cranium, there is still time to see American Juggalo tonight at the same theater.

Upcoming Events for April and May 2012

Posted on : 23-04-2012 | By : John | In : Event, local

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The Cambridge Science Festival is happening right now! Tomorrow (Tuesday April 24) The Story Collider, a sort of oral history meets particle physics project, will be doing a presentation at MIT. They sponsored a fantastic show at NECCS last Friday with 6 prominent skeptics telling brief personal stories of they journey to skepticism. Tuesday’s edition will feature 7 local scientists and science journalists. Free.

Don’t forget Mary Roach on Wednesday.

On Saturday May 5th, our own Todd W will be running for his life, pursued by ravenous Zombies, all to promote vaccine research. Help support this worthy cause.

Upcoming Events

Posted on : 26-03-2012 | By : John | In : Book Club, Event, local

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Announcing two free local skeptical events!

Mary Roach will be receiving the “Annual Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism” from the Harvard Secular Society and the American Humanist Association on Wednesday, April 25 at the Harvard Science Center.

Mary is the reigning record-holder as 3-time Boston Skeptics Book Club author (Spook, Packing for Mars and Stiff.) Maybe I can get her to autograph my Kindle?

Tickets (free) and details are available from the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy.

On Saturday, May 12, the Cape Ann Skeptics will be sponsoring Skepticamp Cape Ann in Gloucester. This one day, free event will be from 9:30 until 4:00 in LaTrattoria, a downtown Gloucester restaurant. See their web site for full details.

A few of us ventured into the wilds of New Hampshire for the Granite State Skepticamp last October, and had a great time. Gloucester is closer and has many fewer bears, so I highly recommend it.

4th Annual Boston Skeptics Pi Day

Posted on : 06-03-2012 | By : John | In : Event, local

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Wednesday, March 14 is Pi Approximation Day.

Mathematics is a dirty business, but somebody has to do, preferably while covered with a sticky mass of Pie Filling! (The volume of a pie is 4⁄3×π×((Rt+Rb)⁄2)²×h, where Rt is the radius of the top of the pie, and Rb is the radius of the bottom of the pie and h is the thickness of the pie.)

Lots of pies, preparing for the onslaught

Armed and dangerous

Join us for our annual pie fight on Cambridge Common (one block north of Harvard Square) on Wednesday, March 14 at 7 PM. Bring a pie and scuzzy clothes.

A map, maybe.

The weather forecast is for clear with a high of 56, so be prepared for freezing drizzle or heat and humidity.


Update: Bad Geometry! I forgot to multiply by the depth of the pie. Also, the Greek letter lowercase pi looks really awful in the default font. Sort of like a poorly drawn lowercase “n”. I said math is a dirty business; there’s your proof.

Skeptics in the Pub with Jonathan McDowell: Elegy For A Spaceplane: 30 Years of Space Shuttles

Posted on : 29-06-2011 | By : John | In : Event, local, Skeptics in the Pub

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Jonathan says:

NASA’s Space Shuttle is being retired this month after three decades of ups and downs both literal and metaphorical.

I’ll take a trip down memory lane and review what the Shuttles did and didn’t do, and discuss other spaceplanes past and present. Finally, I’ll speculate about what’s next for the US human spaceflight program.

Jonathan McDowell in the Soyuz T-3 reentry module

Hello, Earthlings!

Jonathan is a long-time member of the Boston Skeptics, an astronomer, and expert on space travel. He writes a monthly column for Sky and Telescope and maintains the Jonathan’s Space Report web site. He previously spoke to us about the history of the Moon Race, in a very interesting, informative and popular talk, especially about the little-known Soviet moon program. Be sure to arrive early so you can get a seat in front!

RSVP on Facebook

When: Monday, July 25 at 7pm

Where: Upstairs at Tommy Doyle’s Irish Pub,
Harvard Square

See you all there!

Marian Call at Pandemonium

Posted on : 14-06-2011 | By : John | In : Event, local


Marian looking blurryNerd-throb folksinger Marian Call will be here!

This isn’t officially a Boston Skeptics event, but we were instrumental (groan) in getting her to include Boston on her current tour and if you RSVP, everyone will know how popular she is and next time she’ll play the Boston Garden or Gillette Stadium.

She was totally awesome in November:
(Not a very good photo, I was trying to use available light but failed. She is much less blurry in person.)

10:23 Challenge (and Brunch!)

Posted on : 01-02-2011 | By : Liz | In : Blog Post, local, skepticism


This coming weekend, skeptics all over the world will be participating in a global homeopathic “overdose” to help spread the truth about homeopathy: there’s nothing in it. The Boston Skeptics will be holding our event on Sunday, February 6th, at 10:23am in City Hall Plaza (outside the Government Center T station). We will have more specifics about the event coming shortly, so check back to find out everything you need to know!


The “medication” that The Amazing James Randi uses for his famous “overdose” is Calms Forte ( http://www.calmsforte.com/home/ to check it out ), so we’re suggesting this brand if you choose to partake in the pill-poppin’ goodness!

Also, get creative and make your own signs for this event! You can also print out flyers from this template: http://www.1023.org.uk/leaflet.pdf

You can and should spend some time over at the 10:23 website ( http://www.1023.org.uk/ ) to get more familiar with just how global this protest is, and for some useful information about not only the event’s history and culmination, but some good talking points!

And most importantly… let’s make this protest fun and safe!

But there’s more…we are following the “challenge” with (finally) brunch! Join us at the Kinsale (2 Center Plaza, right by City Hall Plaza) at 11 am. 10:23 participation is not mandatory for attendance…but do it! :)

You can rsvp on facebook for 10:23 here and brunch here. See you there!

Skeptics in the Pub: Holiday Shindig!

Posted on : 22-11-2010 | By : Liz | In : Event, local, Skeptics in the Pub

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Merry Christm…errr, Season’s Greetings, everyone! It’s time to party with the Boston Skeptics: this year, we will be featuring a musical performance from the hilarious Dan Hart, who will entertain us with some wonderfully blasphemous Christmas songs! You know it has to be good when there is a song called “Santa God”… Check him out at danhart.net.

Seriously dudes, Santa God.

After Dan’s performance, we will be bringing back our Yankee Swap, which was a great success last year. If you wish to participate, bring a wrapped present of a geeky, scientific, blasphemous, or otherwise awesome nature (nothing pricey–under $10 is a good guideline). Pressies…I can’t wait!

We will be at our usual location and time: 7 pm at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, on Monday, December 20th.

Don’t forget to rsvp on facebook!

See you all there! Happy Festivus, everyone.

Spooky Road Trip BOO!

Posted on : 20-09-2010 | By : Liz | In : Event, local

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Hey everyone! As many of you know, there has been some interest expressed in taking a group road trip to go see Bob Novella’s haunted corn maze in New Milford, CT.  According to google maps it’s about 3 hours from Boston, so we will need to organize some major carpooling!

Here’s the deal: The trip will take place on Saturday, October 16th. The haunt opens at 6:30pm, so we will plan on going right when it opens.  Then, we should be able to get back to Boston by 10:30 or 11ish.  If you would prefer to stay in a hotel, you can sort that out with your carmates!  Bob will not be available for dinner, but he would be up for lunch, so we could plan on getting there around lunchtime and then entertaining ourselves until the haunt opens, perhaps with some sort of park visit or other local activities.

Bob has offered us $1 off each ticket, which means the price-per-ticket is $14. You should also expect to chip in for gas if you are carpooling!

SO: If you want to come, email me at liz@bostonskeptics.com by Friday, October 1st. Put “Haunt Trip” in the subject line so I don’t miss you! Please let me know if you have a car, who will be traveling in your car with you, and how many available seats you have.  If you are traveling with a group and just can’t bear to be separated, please let me know and I will do my best.

I will do everything I can to make sure everyone has a ride, but please bear with me! Please respond only if you definitely plan to attend.

You can rsvp on facebook, but you MUST email me if you plan to attend!

Happy Halloween:)

Observatory Nights – Geeky Fun For the Whole Family

Posted on : 15-09-2010 | By : maggie | In : local, news


If you’re looking for fun on Thursday nights, how about some science-y fun? The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics holds monthly observatory events open to all (including kids).

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge sponsors free programs for the public on the third Thursday of every month (excluding June, July, and December). “Observatory Nights” feature a nontechnical lecture and telescopic observing from the observatory roof if weather permits. The lectures are intended for high-school age and older audiences but children are also welcome. Seating is limited and available on a first-come basis. Doors open at 7:00 pm; programs begin at 7:30 pm. Parking is free.

This Thursday (tomorrow) is Jeffrey Bennett’s “Beyond UFOs: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life and its Astonishing Implications for our Future”. A look at the real searches for life in the worlds beyond our mesosphere and what it means for today and tomorrow.
CfA website